Volanté is not a point-in-time system. Businesses evolve and businesses grow, and so should the system that runs your business.
Technology is what keeps us moving forward and at Volanté we recognize that keeping your technology current is vital to optimizing your business efficiency and maximizing your competitive advantage.
At Volanté we place great emphasis on technological research and development because we are dedicated to ensure when you invest in our products, you only need to invest just once and we work hard to ensure your business will forever remain ahead of the technology curve … Read More
industries served

Volanté Systems is a perfect fit for Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs, Quick Service, Private Clubs and much more.

Volanté Back Office – our engine
Whether it be changing the menu items, adding a new staff member or re-formatting the layout of corporate reports, Volanté’s engine gives you the flexibility to customize details to any specification. With incomparable operational capabilities of making changes that go live when you want changes to go live eliminating the confusion as to what is ready to be sold.  Comprehensive feature set and powerful reporting abilities. Superior fail-safe data redundancy Our data synchronization management. Our drag and drop feature allows the menu to be designed in advance or an introduction of a new menu item to appear on the POS … Read More
Volanté POS – Front of house

Whether it be Table & Tabs Management, Quick Service & Fast Food or combination of both. Volanté features a powerful and flexible table management system. Fastest Bartending & Tab screen for any night club, bars and lounges with huge volume.  Cashier Screen is designed for fast food, concessions and walk up type of operations, commonly know as Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). Volanté screens can be customized to your needs to maximize sales … Read More

Volanté add ons
  • Customer Database
  • Gift Cards & Loyalty
  • Kitchen Display Automation
  • Integrated Credit Card & Debit Processing
  • Food Inventory Control & Recipe Costing
  • Liquor & Draft Inventory Control
  • Custom Programming