The Media Ninja Suite provides everything you need to create, update, maintain, and display your own digital signage and digital menus.

With digital signage, you’re never locked in to static, out-of-date content – or stuck spending money to update printed signs and menus.

Design layouts with animated content and your visitors simply won’t be able to ignore your message.

The Media Ninja Designer software provides a state-of-the art design interface. It’s easy enough for anyone to use, and has all the features needed to build incredibly rich digital layouts without requiring a graphics design degree.

features At a glance
  • Easy to Use What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Designer Software & Live Preview
  • Power up to 3 HDMI Displays with Unique Content from 1 Player Box
  • Remote Management & Synchronization with Google Cloud Platform
  • Quick Start Templates & Training Videos
  • Advanced (but easy to use) scheduling features for automated transitions
  • Manage 1 System or 1,000 Systems from one Management Console Anywhere you have Internet


compare your digital signage options

Shopping for Digital Signage can be confusing. There are many systems out there, each with their own benefits and limitations. We believe we have created the best and easiest to use digital signage system, see the chart below to compare us to the competitors and learn why Media Ninja is the right choice.

Functionality Media Ninja The Competition
Screens Per Unit One Media Ninja player box allows you to power up to 3 unique screens of content with one compact player box.  Our competitors’ player boxes power only one or two screens per player box, bringing your cost of ownership up if you need more displays.
Recurring Fees / Subscriptions Media Ninja has no recurring fees or subscription requirements. Cloud management functionality is free forever and included in your initial purchase price.  Our competitors may sell you a player box cheaper, but then most will require you to sign up for a monthly subscription service to use cloud management functionality. Over the course of 2-3 years those recurring charges drastically increase your cost of ownership.
Updating Content With Media Ninja, you can update your content from anywhere you have an internet connection. You never have to be on-site to update your displays.  Many systems require you to be on-site to physically update your displays. Sometimes this even means getting on a ladder and swapping out a memory card mounted behind your TVs. It’s not much fun!
Design Limitations Media Ninja has NO Limitations on what you can put on your screens. You can design anything you can imagine and never worry about getting charged for new design features.  Many systems implement template based systems that aren’t truly 100% customize-able, and some even charge you for “Zones” on your screen if you need to add more content than you originally licensed.
Design Templates While we do provide you with some templates that can help you get started faster, you’re NEVER limited to the designs of our templates, every aspect of every screen can be fully customized to your liking.  Many systems claim to provide you with thousands of template to choose from. It sounds good in theory, until you realize that they really only have 40 templates (with 25 different colors for each) and that you’re stuck in the one of the formats they provide.
Multiple Player Management With the Media Ninja Cloud, you can link as many players to your account as you need. Have 25 stores to manage? You can manage them all from your home or office from one easy to use console.  Good luck finding any competitor offering that compares to our cloud management console for managing multiple systems conveniently. We haven’t found one yet.