Volanté Back Office
Whether it be changing the menu items, adding a new staff member or re-formatting the layout of corporate reports, Volanté’s engine gives you the flexibility to customize details to any specification. With incomparable operational capabilities of making changes that go live when you want changes to go live eliminating the confusion as to what is ready to be sold.  Comprehensive feature set and powerful reporting abilities. Superior fail-safe data redundancy Our data synchronization management. Our drag and drop feature allows the menu to be designed in advance or an introduction of a new menu item to appear on the POS.
menu setup
Volanté’s menu design tool will allow the user to create menus quickly and effortlessly. Does the venue have a large menu selection? Unlike typical POS systems that force the user to fit menus into limited layouts, Volanté’s open hierarchical menu structure gives the user the ability to add as many entries to the menu as necessary. No matter how simple or complex the menu requirements, Volanté ensures limitless design consistency.




user / security
Volanté makes staff administration easy. Adding or editing the staffs information and access rights is a cinch! Handling multiple job types and applying different pay rates with selected staff is no problem. Volanté’s built in “Time & Attendance” will clearly show you all the staff’s activities. Security features are set so you can control every move with confidence at each security level.




Volanté reports

Volanté offers a full reporting suite to aid in management decision making.The suite is designed to provide a clear insight into all aspects of business. All the information needed is generated in real time, quickly and easily. These concise reports enable you to monitor what sells and what doesn’t sell. Tailored summary reporting results in more time spent perfecting daily operations.


Volanté POS – Front of house

Volanté offers superior Table and Tabs Management for restaurants, bars & nightclubs. Amazing simple Quick Selling Screens for quick services … Read More