Volanté POS – Front of house

Whether it be Table & Tabs Management, Quick Service & Fast Food or combination of both. Volanté’s Front of House features are simple and intuitive.

Table management

Volanté features a powerful and flexible table management system. Because every restaurant is different, Volanté allows the user to design section layouts specific to your site. In the dynamic restaurant environment, ability to change floor plans immediately is necessary. Need to split or merge tables on those busy nights? No problem. All this can be done on the fly at any terminal, in seconds. The simple ordering screen makes every order concise and accurate with speed.



Controlling the different courses at the POS for the kitchen is crucial for any restaurant. From ordering to expediting. It needs to be simple and concise! With Volanté Table Management, you can change courses on-the-fly during ordering and it makes sense when the kitchen orders are printed. The front of house staff can focus on customer service rather than on potential mistakes. How many times do tables request separate bills? No problem with Volanté seat management. Bills can be separated on tables to individual seats and menu items can be split on any number of seats.
Bartending Screen & Tabs management
Volanté has the fastest Bartending & Tab screen for any Night Club, Bar and Lounge with huge volume. Staff that work other venues have commented on the easy navigation and the speed at which they can sell. A customers order can be sent to a Tab in seconds and there are no limitations on the number of tabs that can be created within the system. A customers tab can also follow them to a table with ease.



Tabs can be sorted alphabetically by name, by time, by employee, by payment status etc. with the ease of our sorting button. Need we say more? When your bar is 3 or 4 plus deep, you really don’t want your clients going elsewhere!

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)
Volanté Cashier Screen is designed for fast food, concessions and walk up type of operations, commonly know as Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). Volanté screens can be customized to your needs to maximize sales. The screens display in an intuitive and appealing manner allowing the user to get all the information needed with just a glance at the screen with minimal keystrokes. No matter how peculiar the customers orders are, Volanté with unlimited modifiers can handle any of their demands in a speedy fashion.Reliability is a must in this fast paced industry! Volanté knows that success depends on superior service and controlling your business!


Volanté back office

Whether it be changing the menu items, adding a new staff member or re-formatting the layout of corporate reports, Volanté’s engine gives you the flexibility to customize details to any specification … Read More